CBD, convenience stores across Texas surprised by update on DSHS website

The state surprised CBD stores and convenience stores across Texas by updating its guidance for Schedule 1 Controlled Substances recently to include …


  1. When Cannabis gets legalized Federally and Texas keeps it illegal they will run the risk of turning Texas "Blue". There are a lot of people who will vote Democrat if it means legalizing Cannabis in Texas. So they're just shooting themselves in the foot by staying retarded on this subject.

  2. Born and raised in Texas this is the exact type shyt that I say f*** this Sate and I moved to Colorad.. conservatives love to make laws based off their moral and religious beliefs while simultaneously shaming Muslim countries for doing the exact same f**** thing..

  3. The CIA is the biggest drug dealer and murder of millions upon millions of people across the planet and they are worried about a plant that grows in the ground?

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