Can I Overdose on CBD? 🌱

What happens if you take too much CBD? Can you overdose? I investigate this question by taking 200mg of CBD in three hours and giving you a play-by-play …


  1. Maybe you can't overdose and die from taking too much CBD but you can certainly feel like shit. I'd suggest people finding that spot where you feel good but not sedated and stay there. Going beyond that in my experience can cause extreme fatigue. I'm growing hemp and after taking a bunch of hemp oil throughout the day juiced some hemp leaves and drank those as well. BIG MISTAKE! I could barely move. This morning I feel terrible, but am slowly coming out of it. Not trying to be a know it all, this is just what happened to me. Any experiences like this I'd love to hear about. Love CBD, love growing Hemp, I'd just be careful to stick to recommended dosing.

  2. Took thc edibles once. Ate 5 jellys which is about 500mg thc. Thats a real challenge 😂. I regularly smoke, eat and vape cbd those days. I really like vaping isolates during the day and self made edibles in the evening because it lasts longer and hits a bit better so i can sleep thru the night

  3. I take isolate 33mg a day but when I was sick last winter of cough and colds, I took it 4x a day and within 3 days I was clear of cough and colds which didn't happen before, usually when I get sick it could take a week or more. I was taking it also when I got covid back in March like 4 to 7 times a day including waking up at nights in my bed with having difficulty breathing and tightness in my chest, within 3 days I was relieved of fever and being comfortable at nights.

  4. Thanks for the video! really curious though, I don't understand the relativity of 200mg of CBD. Like is that a lot like SUPER a lot? Or is that just a little bit more than usual? Pardon my dumb question… In my place, CBD is banned but curiosity isn't(thankfully!) so I would love to get some perspective 😀

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