Ask the Experts: Spotlight on Nonepileptic Seizures Part 2

Patty Osborne Shafer RN, MN, associate editor and community manager for, discusses treatment for nonepileptic events (NEE) with Dr. Selim …


  1. Its because the central nervous system is faulty, not working properly and for me there's nothing much u can do about it. Go with your body treat it as and when required. (FND and various symptoms).

  2. Dissociative seizures (DS) are involuntary changes in behaviour, sensation, motor activity, cognitive processing, autonomic function. Dissociative seizures aren’t epileptic seizures that means they aren’t caused by abnormal electrical activity within the brain, Dissociative seizures happen through a unconscious process called dissociation, Dissociation is a disconnection between a human sensory experience,consciousness,identity,memory, self awareness and surroundings, motor control and behaviour.

    The autonomic nervous functions causes the symptoms of dissociation, During Dissociative seizures the body also goes into a fight or flight response.

  3. PNES is not only a psychological condition. There can also be a physiological cause. Mine were caused by an adverse reaction to medication. I have met others with a brain injury and another with pancreas disfunction whose injuries have caused non-epileptic in my small town, also not psychologically induced.
    "Older ideas that FND is “all psychological” and that the diagnosis is made only when someone has normal tests have changed since the mid-2000s. The new understanding, including modern neuroscientific studies, has shown that FND is not a diagnosis of exclusion. It has specific clinical features of its own and is a disorder of the nervous system functioning in which many perspectives are necessary. These vary a lot from person to person. In some people, psychological factors are important, in others they are not."
    … "In some psychological factors such as past trauma or stress at the time of symptom onset in FND are important in understanding how the brain has gone wrong. In others the presence of a problem like migraine or a physical injury may be the most important thing."
    From the National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD) website.

  4. The only way as a mental health professional I found out about this was my clients saying they had been diagnosed and told they need CBT. I don't think it is about negative opinions just that what has happened that the news has travelled via people referred to the service rather than coming from initiatives from Neurologists to recruit mental health professionals to make us aware that this is an issue.

  5. hi m amanshi
    i know wanna know that my boy friend fell down but am confused its seizure or faint..after that we seek the medical treatment and his MRI is normal n EEG too is normal…but the things is that does he really has epilepsy though he didn't got another attack but while is he sleep he moves alot means he normally moves alot in sleepl and am worried a lot……please reply me am wating…

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