Arizonans pass Prop 207, legalize recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Arizona. Proposition 207 allows for the legal possession and recreational use of marijuana for anyone over …


  1. I remember a Christmas morning when police threw me on to hood of their cruiser and grabbing my throat to choke the roach out of my mouth. I'll always remember your many, many kindnesses. I'll remember your propaganda and your slander and libel killing my belief in God because you and your women need proof of 'your' goodness when I reproduce in 'your' country. That is what your are. That is who you are. And perhaps the next day of the dead you can thank all those who made me criminal . . . in 'your' country.

  2. AZ state tax revenue totaled $18.16 billion dollars for fiscal year 2019. Prop 207 is projected to bring in $254 million a year in taxes. So AZ getting into the business of selling weed is going to contribute an additional 1.3% to the budget. Is that really worth it? I'm not sure. Maybe I made a mistake voting for it.

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