Let’s smoke CBD and talk about why it may be better overall for your health, well being. I will be informing you of the health benefits of CBD in case you weren’t …


  1. I been smoking cbd since 2017 when I wanted to get off the 42 pills a day I was taking. I was in NOLA with my homeboy and stopped by a shop and got a prerolled. I stood on the street smoking it and he saw how my body changed as I smoked it, the pain left me and he was amazed on how it worked.

  2. YO NO WAY I just got CBD because I had to quit reg weed for legal and personal reasons and just like everyone said it's like all the chill positivities without any of the negatives (memory issues forgetting things tripping over your own thoughts etc)

  3. What about facet arthritis and endometriosis pain. I’m missing pain relief from Aleve and Tylenol. I can’t go on opiates because the pain comes back worse than before the opiate. THC makes me hear voices thanks to it’s pre frontal cortex problems.

  4. How much do you or can you smoke in a day? As in, can you have to much cbd? I vape thc but in the last months I just get anxiety and feel like garbage. I’ve been thinking about just changing over to cbd for my anxiety and stress but have never really given it a go.

  5. I don’t know why I completely dismissed cbd all these years! Today was my first time smoking a cbd bowl. I felt relaxed and zero anxiety all day long. Snd I did feel creative like I do on thc but with no anxiety and paranoia.. I’m like, this is amazing!

  6. So I got my first bag of CBD flower ( Super Sour Candy )

    My best description is it feels like a high that never gets engaged 😂

    I'm sure it affects everyone differently

  7. Good video ty for sharing

    It don't come from same plant tho

    The plants are related but hemp and weed are different

    Smoking and vaping I hear has a faster affect then the oil or edibles

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