1. I smoke weed everyday about 5 blunts or more a day sense I was 14 im 28 now I quit 2 different times once when I was 22 once when I was 27 both times for 7 months each. It was hard the first 2 days to sleep or eat after that I was hungry and thinking about eating all the time. I also noticed I started to drink way more beer got to the point that I was getting drunk and over eating now that I’m back smoking I feel balanced and on a normal routine. I can’t imagine quitting how ever the 7months I was weed free I can say I was a step ahead in every aspect or in anything I did and also when I quit I can tell I felt more fresh and not so hazy all day

  2. quitting is part of using for me. i feel no withdrawal at all. for 100mg i eat the bag in 3-5 days, and i enjoy the next 3-5 days sober like a philosophical alchemy reversal.

    because the conclusions found high are now put to a sober test.

  3. America is lost to reefer addicts like this unholy on youtube .It is planned to keep you in a coma like state, unable to judge and perceive normally. Unable to distinguish what is pure and what is demented. Goodbye my America I once knew. You once fought off European and German dictatorships , crushed Japanese Imperialism ., Stood against Soviet communism and totalitarianism. You Created a civilized modern society with people of great minds and innovation unseen in history.. and now you have given up God, your redeemer , Jesus Christ, . you now stand in your filth and soiled clothes… you deserve whatever chastisement you receive.. the great leaders we had have given way to the weak, twisted and misdirected , they reflect on what you have become….corrupted. Fall America, you did it to yourself. for your sinfulness , you reap what you sow.,, but its not too late to return to what is just. but the fact remains that the evil one wants to destroy you.,, but we can stop his plan. For God has His plan, and He shall be victorious in the end. Read the bible and accept Jesus as your savior. he will direct you. and will pour his spirit upon you in those days… signed, an old straight brown guy.

  4. I took a 1 month break from smoking an ounce every 2 weeks so I could get this job that I really needed, and now I just feel like I don’t need it anymore.

  5. I am going to be honest. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with enjoying things in life like occasionally getting drunk or high. But I am sick of people promoting weed as some kind of medical treatment. And yes, the stuff can be addicting. I have seen people loose their job and family because they refuse to quit.

    The stuff is also not harmless. I have a half brother who uses daily. He is constantly coughing and sounds congested. He sounds like he has bronchitis all the time. I have noticed he isn't as sharp as he used to be either. His doctor has even told him he needs to quit after discovering spots on his lungs. He refuses and says he will never quit 🤦‍♂️.

  6. It actually comes down to "why do you use weed?" If you are numbing out and avoiding or used weed to help with a drinking problem or pain then the issue isn't actually weed. It's the dependency that many people have in place on a substance that allows them to function beyond an uncomfortable or painful place. These are all the same symptoms people see if they stop taking opiates daily, or ibuprofen, or alcohol. We live in a world of avoidance and distraction. Life hurts. Life is rough. Weed is about the gentlest thing out there to help us when stuff hurts beyond our ability cope in a normal manner. Be healthy everyone and be good to yourselves.

  7. I've been off and on weed for a while. Normally two or three months, and I have never experienced any withdrawal symptoms. Except maybe difficulty going to sleep, but I already suffered from that before doing pot.

  8. I'm actually on day 7 of quitting and I happen to be scrolling through YouTube and found this I thought of watch it and you are right on with everything you said I happened to gone through several times but usually I'm quitting for the reasons of finding a job not necessarily for my best well-being but it is very informative what you told me but fortunately for me I started in my adult life around 19/20 so I don't think I'll suffer any of the young issues

  9. Do not quit. We are living in a shit world right now, people need a way to cope. But don't puss out either if shit hits the fan. Man up, and protect your country and way of life.

  10. is weed good in moderation? i feel like weed is only good once you built a big tolerance smoking daily. random pot smoking sends me into a another realm of paranoia and intensity.

  11. The bliss….. so true. I'm on day 8 of quiting for a new job. I feel like I've had the flu for 3 days. No interest in things, tired and headaches.
    Thankfully my roommate is stopping with me. We both plan to go back eventually but we both want prove that we can quit, and to get that virgin smoker feel.

  12. So i tried to quit like five times, and day 3-5 was hell. I just straight would call the dealer, no resistance. Then a friend of mine told me that if i destroy my weed i wouldn ever smoke again and HE CONVINCED ME TO THROW IT ON THE WC, yeah, it felt terrible and i regreted it so much, but then, when i used to think of weed, i just could think on my bathroom smelling like dope. Disgusting. And that the way i quit. 6 months now and very happy 🙂

  13. I smoked like an ounce a day for 2 years and had no withdrawal symptoms at least that I was aware of. But I can’t smoke anymore bc it makes me paranoid, makes me kinda sad lol

  14. Do any of you guys feel shortness of breath like you can’t breath at times and you cough a lot please lmk hopefully this isn’t forever cuz sometimes I kinda feel like passing out

  15. This backpedaling on weed is why I believe in the need for conservatism. Even though there are many liberal ideas or projects I'm interested in seeing explored, conservatism acts as a brake pad for liberal ideas and says "are you sure you've analyzed all the consequences of this change thoroughly?" Because the weed train took off too soon, was fueled by a minimal amount of science and a huuuge amount of celebrity and media "normalization." Conservatism is not just for cranky old farts. It's good to be skeptical of new ideas, and embrace them only when you're sure it's right to do.

  16. Two months ago, my husband and I broke up. Ive been basically stoned ever since. Yesterday I got vitamin C iv drop and decided to slow down the pot head express in order to take better care. I'm not sleeping well. I'm a little bit of afraid of how I'm gonna feel once leave this marijuana induced fog. Days 5 – 7 will be interesting. I feel I need to face this with out being mind numb. I do feel marijuana has kept me cool, calm and sane in this rather difficult time.

  17. As educational and informative this video is, I feel the research on the negative effects is just as shallow as the positive, as in, theres just not enough of it because the plant, like us, is unique and complex in composition and no one person is going to have the exact same effects as another. I started when I was 19, been going 3 years, and honestly the only bad part of quitting wasnt withdrawls, it was my own chronic pain, insomnia, chronic nausea and dizziness, among other things that I had already gotten used to NOT dealing with anymore. To me, as well as many others, we would take the neurological damage over the physical our own bodies are trying to cause us. I cant wait to see more research done on this topic 💚

  18. Still nothing compared to when I had to quit drinking. Going from a liter of vodka a day to nothing was horrible. That’s why I haven’t started drinking again I don’t wanna go through that. I smoke too much but I plan on switching to making cannabutter

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