What Causes Seizures in Dogs (top 5 causes of dog seizures)

Dog seizure causes are numerous so what causes seizures in dogs? Here I run through the top 5 groups of conditions causing dog seizures and fitting.


  1. My dog plucky now 11 has had 5 seizures yesterday and sadly I’m away in the military so I can’t be there rn for him back home and my parents r keeping me updated. I fear the worst and I just don’t wanna say goodbye to the good boy he is. Please someone help or give advice. I know what’s to come but I hate I can’t be there for him and he’s helped me with so much and he’s such a good boy

  2. aaaww! I had to put down my beloved dog 3 years ago 😭
    he ended up having 4 seizures in less than two hours due the ehrlichiosis, (I couldn't do anything just trying to comfort him, while I was crying, it's so painful) his brain was damaged by the bacteria and he was suffering a lot… I miss you my dear Tobbi! 🥺

  3. What about Rabies and the illness caused by the parvovirus?? In some instances when these viruses affect the brain, do they cause seizures? And heat strokes can cause seizures if the temperature in the animals rises into unhealthy levels? You didn’t include these important informations?

  4. My dog started having seizures in late June, we took her to emergency vet, they ran tests,. didn't find anything other than she was dehydrated. They wanted to keep her overnight but that would have cost $1000. For the tests they ran which was for heartworms which she didn't have. They also did some ultrasound to make sure something hadn't ruptured, nothing there. They gave me antibiotics to give her for 2 weeks which she finished. But she is still having them. A week later she had 2 or 3 in the same night. She was good for 2 weeks almost 3 but she started again. 😓 I took her to another vet and he said it could just be something she ate or licked like a frog.. but we have been watching her closely especially when outside, so this time the frog explanation doesn't make sense. Why don't the vets want to diagnose her so she can get her medicine she needs? 😓 I forgot to mention she foams at the mouth, are they seizures?;or poisoning. Plz help

  5. My dog has recently been having seizures once a day for 2 days now. Took her to the vet, she tested positive for Ehrlichiosis. Could this likely be the reason? She also tested low for platelets and b vitamin complex.

  6. Kibble dry dog food causes seizures in dogs. Purina, blue buffalo, and any conveniently priced kibble will cause seizures in dogs. Take your dogs off of kibble if they are having seizures! I just switched my 6 year old hairless American terrier to chicken, ground beef, rice, and veggies because she had 5 seizures in 3 days. Also take your dogs off of dog treats! No ground turkey because of the rosemary. Good luck all!

  7. Hi our dog is only 3 years old he suddenly have seizures. I don't know whats his problems he got humps on his body the others just some on his foot. He is seems to have a brocken leg I'm not sure it's swollen a bit and blockish he have stairs we don't know where he gets it he's making noise not eating now we just feed him . Soft we shake his foods meat and carrots boiled then blend it so he can swallow it easily. He he's thin now. He wants to hide go on conners always walking around hiding himself. I don't know what wrong. He's seems crying making noise, we don't know what to do we give him amoxicillin ones before to cure his wounds. And a bit Alkaline C I ordered found on FB. It cured the watery ball's keeps growing in between his testicles it's as big as small native eggs it's harden and getting bigger a blood coming out of his testicles but is all gone now. So we stop giving him this vit. C for a week only. That was February, do u think it has side effects. It's May now . Or the amoxicillin that we have him for his wounds last two weeks ago.

  8. Thanks now I'm more freaked out than I was, but I'm bringing her to the vet .

    Well my dog is an epileptic, but I'm starting to think her seizures are caused from to much protein cause she eats more human food than dog food.
    She's also now on medication for the. Seizures.

  9. My dog gets seizures or epilepsy i just took him to vet and can't find nothing wrong. WHEN HE GETS THEM he starts shaking specially his head and start vomiting clear sticky saliva and pees , poops at the same time it last for at least a minute and it's happening to him at least once or twice a week . ANY ADVICE? Thanks

  10. My dog got bitten by something on her paw. It was swollen but 2weeks after, it was gone. However after that, she began having lots of mucus on her eyes, started to lose her vision, and even got mucus on the other side of her nose. Then things got worse, she's out balanced when standing up then days after, she couldn't stand at all. Now, she won't eat and drink (tho she wants to). She's also having seizures. What might've happened? Is it because of the bite?

  11. My dog has seizure in every few months, sometimes once in every 6 months and it usually last around 30 minutes. She doesn’t lose conscious during the time. I took her to the vet twice, done the bloodwork and everything normal on the blood result. The vet recommended to do ultrasound as a next step. I’m not sure what to do and hoping if you can give any suggestions. Thank you!

  12. Could fleas cause it?I have a little mini pomeranian he's healthy but this past 3 months he's had 3 . He's had fleas I bath him all the time give him meds but they're still getting on him . He just had a really bad seizure. I'm balling my eyes out.

  13. Hi, please help. My 8yr old, healthy dog was prescribed 3 doses of metacam and antibiotics for a soft non-painfull lump on her bottom. An hour and a half after the 3rd dose she had a full blown seizure. She has had another 8 full blown seizures lasting around 2 minutes in 2.5 days. All her blood work is normal. She has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy and toxicity has been ruled out as the cause. She has no history of seizures. How long before metacam leaves her system and will the seizures stop? I'd be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

  14. About 2 yrs ago my min-pin which is 7 now started having really severe seizures that last anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes took him to vet they don't know but put him on phenobarbital I switched him to CBd oil cause if his behavior on the vets medication he still has them from time to time but when he has one you can count on 2 or 3 more to follow over a day or so what can I do

  15. My dog had a seizure for the first time yesterday and it definitely scared me. I freaked out because I’ve never seen a seizure and I didn’t know what to do. I thought I was going to lose my fur baby. It was sooo painful to watch and I cry just thinking about it. I don’t even know what type of seizure he had bc it didn’t look as severe as some videos I’ve seen. Now I am definitely going to educate myself in what to do and how to prevent it because I don’t want to see my baby go through that again because it so painful for me. I cannot stand the thought that a seizure could take my baby away. 😖

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