VIDEO NOW: Connecticut governor signs recreational marijuana into law

Gov. Ned Lamont on Tuesday signed a bill making Connecticut the 19th state to legalize recreational use of marijuana, which remains an illegal drug under …


  1. So, you made it so medical cards still had a dubious, unethical use and made the rest of lower percentage weed DLC for the other serfs?

    It's amazing how you're still a terrible billionaire by making progressive history. Just pick a lane, you weak old man.

    All that aside… Maybe I can finally have minimal access to the mids you're letting us penniless serfs have access to despite the lumps I feel in my body 🙂

    You had to cap it at 30 percent and 60 for concentrates.

    This wasn't a radical move. You still suck, Ned. I'll think of how pathetic you are as I next smoke.

  2. State after state is doing this. But Marijuana still remains a Schedule 1 drug , in the same category with heroin and LSD. It is time to change that too.

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