Turning Seeds Into an American Icon: A History of Hemp in the U.S. | Short Film Showcase

For years, hemp has had a lousy reputation. Often confused with its cousin, marijuana, it’s in fact a different variety of cannabis, with the main difference being a …


  1. Why keep hemp illegal ? Well you can make paper, fabric, fuel, soap, skin cream, shampoo, houses, car parts, plastic, shoes and fuel out of it. Of course it have to be illegal it's not like the news paper tychoons, the oil cartels, the concrete manufacturers,plastic millionaries would let this cash cow go without a fight or atleast without making profits from it themselves.

  2. Also those who actively contributed to prohibition of this plant has caused so much suffering – the heaviness of their wrong deeds will follow them beyond grave. They have utilized their newly accuired knowlegde of mind and media manipulation to cause fear and histeria in public and mass media they controled – all done to achievie their twisted objective. To control and subjugate the unaware population to their will so that they will have obedient citizens that will follow the authority without questioning.

    Therefore: ALWAYS QUESTION THE AUTHORITY – thats the fruit of evolution of liberty and very foundation of your country. If you would question authority back in the 60s-70s the prohibition would not have a chance. Just think what would Geroge Washington or Thomas Jefferson do if they lived then… Think about it. And what they would do now. And now think what are you doing to reverse the error of the past that reverberate across the whole world causing misery and suffering.

  3. Hemp the quiet plant that underlies all and was with us from time immemorial. And yet somehow in years it has been baned and subject of unjust prejudice. As if they aimed to destroy the liberty it holds and helped to seed, and grow and spread across all world. Liberty of choice. Liberty of using own reason. Liberty of making conscious decision and thinking. Liberty of way of life. Liberty in cherishing happines and friendship and love instead of being overcomed by pessimism, brute authority, saddness, histeria, war industry and hatered.

    Do not fall into falsely descrimination by making this differences "low thc and high thc" as if one is good and other is bad. BOTH ARE GOOD. BANNING THIS WONDERFUL PLANT IS BAD IN FIRST PLACE.

  4. It used to be federally illegal to NOT grow hemp, look it up, there is even Government films called Hemp for Victory, it will blow your mind. Also the government owns rights to 2 international patents that prove cannabis is medical. Facts don't lie, only cops and old brainwashed people are the only ones still trying to ban these plants, for their own self-centered purposes, not for the good of society which would increase with hemp and cannabis extracts (see my videos I feature, all about hemp!)

  5. The government has hundreds of stupid rules designed to help the businesses that paid into campaign funds to be defended. There's no good reason industrial hemp can't be grown and processed in the US except that somebody who might lose money is preventing it. it's not marijuana.

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