1. I ordered some CBD crumble for my puffco peak, some grandaddy purp from extract labs. (not sponsored lol) .
    I liked it, has great terpenes, still taste and smells like wax for nostalgia and in terms of effects I noticed a small body high, moving slower/lethargy, slightly less anxious, and more psychically comfortable. I prefer CBD carts and wax in general, but I'm still trying out the crumble with THC doing 1:1. With dabs I think it's easier and more faster to identify/feel effects, also CBD wax might cross over well with your new E-nail if you're ever out of ideas. Have fun with the new rigs and nails!!!

  2. Yoooo SMPLSCK, I'm actually a huge fan of your channel. I really fucks with your nature/food vlogs so much with the pen and getting high. Vibes are so chill and it just looks so fun. Looking forward to more videos!

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