Traverse City Holds Informational Adult Use Marijuana Open House

Traverse City is still grappling with deciding how many adult use dispensaries they will permit.

Conversations from the board of commissioners say they’re going back-and-forth on announcing between 4 to 12 adult you shops.

Now, business owners and community members just want to see a decision made.

“They’re going to go out of business and there’s no way around it,” says Chief corporate officer of House of Dank, Mike DiLaura.

Dispensaries in Traverse City have been holding on as the board of commissioners decides how adult use marijuana will move in.

Many of these facilities opened with the hope of being able to sell both medicinal and recreational products.

Now, the waiting game is weighing heavy for business owners.

DiLaura says, “They’re already really operating in the red today, in hopes of ultimately getting that adult use it it’s it’s really too bad because over the last year they’ve done an amazing job of being compliant and serving the community and really putting their best foot forward for the entire industry.”

Even though businesses want to see commissioners approved all 12 dispensaries, Traverse City is looking to hear final input from people in the city on the matter.F9d658ec 7b7f 4610 Bb97 1798b89ed8e0

Along with their open house Traverse City clerk, Benjamin Marentette, says they are also planning a virtual town hall.

“There’s a lot of excitement about it also a lot of opinions and thoughts on how it should be structured and so I think there’s just a lot of good that can come from hearing the input that folks have on this issue,” says Marenette.

John Handzlik grew up in Traverse City.

He says many people who come to these meetings are looking to be educated.

Handzlik says, “We’re trying to provide a safe culture, a safe learning experience for not only just young people or young adults, but all walks of life.”

The City says they plan on using this information in their next September 16th meeting and finally hope to have a decision from the city by October.

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