1. Folks for whats it worth, you can take a standard CBD OIL and use it topically!!! Why use something that has been ADULTERATED!? If its not an oil its impure!! Every body is saying use the CBD that I use….. No mine is best!?!? But not many list a reason why!?!? Listen to my interview about both of my adult children on Youtube called, "Is CBD being suppressed" Listen to how severe their mental challenges are!!! And then listen to the MIRACULOUS results Natures Nutrients CBD provided them both!!!!!!!! Just so you know my 35 year old son has rapid cycling bipolar disorder!!! HE'S SEVERE!!!!!!! My 39 year old daughter has ALS2 coupled with schizophrenia. Talk about someone paying dues that they dont owe!!! WHY DO I RECOMMEND NATURES NUTRIENTS??? I used 9 different brands before finding Natures Nutrients. Natures Nutrients cold presses the plant and puts it in the bottle!! Completely UNF__KED with!!!!!!! Other companies are using alcohol, ethanol (& theres another chemical as well) to extract the oil from the plant?! Alot of companies are adding carrier or "Filler" oils?!?! And they are filtering the oil!? Natures Nutrients does NONE of this!!! And dig this its $60 for the standard 2oz bottle including shipping!! There are CBD oils out there of the same quality but typically they are at or near double the cost!!! IVE DONE THE HOMEWORK FOLKS!!!! WHY??? I dont want my children having second best!!!!! Just this week i found Ancient life CBD $100 for a 1 oz bottle and that was their sale price?!?! Listed for $159??? WTF??? And they add carrier oils???? Natures Nutrients, 410-820-7700!! Goodness beggets Goodness!! Share this folks!! PEACE!!!

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