1. Hello 👋🏽 i just recently found out that I’m having seizures. I have mine in my sleep, so I didn’t know for the longest. Before these previous 2 back to back seizures, I didn’t think I had one for 5 years.. I recently had two in a row when I forgot to take my medication the previous night. I’m normally a weed smoker and I dip and dabble in gummy‘s also, but since this all happened, I really haven’t been messing with too much THC, weed or gummies. After I got out of the hospital I went and picked up some cbd roll ups and I really like how they relax me. Calm me down, help me sleep at night. But I wanted to cut out smoking it, so I went and picked up some 1:1 and 2:2 cbd/thc gummies. I’m guessing there gonna work good. I just wanted to know, do you have any experience with these kind of gummies and if so, what was your experience like? Do you think since there’s thc in them that they might trigger something, or no… just your opinion 😃

  2. Loved it and would love to know how your progress w this has went my grandgirl is 4 I have custody she is NON SPECIFIC EPILEPSY shes on 5 different downers and still not under control have thought of CBD but I live in a non legal state TX for THC and I just feel the CBD in my erea is well not real i guess you would say I am still looking into it but your video helped me a lot thank you Hun!!!!

  3. Any update on the cbd? Are you still having seizures?

    Oh and look up sleep paralysis on YouTube. A lot of people found out Sleep paralysis isn’t normal. Just put in the search engine “how I was healed for sleep paralysis”… it’s the devil.

  4. No reason to feel dumb Massiel for not knowing. My wife had her first tonic-colonic seizure about a 1.25 years ago. And they only happen with she sleeping, and she doesn't even know she was having them. I thought she was having a stroke. I called 9-11, and they diagnosed her with Epilepsy. She's been Keppra, and now Trokendi. She outs her in a constant stupor. She hasn't been the same since she started taking these meds. I'm going to have her watch your video and at least get her to try it. Thanks for posting!

  5. Dealing with this but with my dog 🙁 she’s dealt with this since she was a puppy and honestly the medication that her doctor gave her doesn’t work AT ALL & it has other side effects that affect her organs and I’m switching her to CBD oil soon 😁

  6. Finally! I hate speaking about my seizures. Starting at the age of 9 I had my first. Came back at 12/13. I was on medication was still having them. Tried CBD finally at 17 they stopped. Gave birth to my baby girl at 23 now they're back. Had my first seizures again at work ( fucking embarrassed ) The medicine they put you on they tried putting me on that HELL NO! ER put me on that because of my baby I hated that medicine especially with a baby. My sister found my old Dr he put me back on my medicine. I may have to try this CBD again, thank you for this! I knew I wasn't crazy it really helped.

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