1. The trick to using weed with me is not over using &
    getting a tolerance, I used to binge which tends to lead to feelings
    of adverse effect & therefore now I use as a novelty.

  2. This is the great thing with no large companies like with cigarette companies. Who do we suue for misleading us and saying cannabis is okay? Its all about money, they don't care about our health, only the $ Marijuana brings in. Who do we sue?

  3. Marijuana is the God's greatest gift to mankind.
    Legal or not
    It will be germinated
    It will be grown to bud
    It will be harvested
    It will be grinded
    It will be rolled
    Bowls will be packed
    No matter what the reason for the season or the cause and effect, no matter if it's legal or not…
    It will be smoked.

  4. Besides it is against the rules of the Olympics, why did they cancel Sha'carri (spelling??)?! They say it can inhibit the findings of testosterone from 'roids? I have found no true studies that agree with statement. Any help? Any link? Not just someone's comment or a .com site….I want "Scientific Journal" ….proven clinical studies. Thanks in advance.

  5. Cannabis has changed my life man in a way I never could imagine it definitely helps me connect with my body and it gave me my bodybuilding journey hard to imagine this was illegal

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