The Mediation

Two days after Angelina’s wedding, the girls are at major odds over the speech heard around the world. And Mike “The Situation” becomes “The Mediation” in …


  1. It’s a shame that Angelina let that speech ruin her wedding but I don’t blame her for being mad and she shouldn’t have to apologize. I would be livid if I got called a dump, throw up and lice at my wedding especially by my bridesmaids! Wtf! I would’ve played it off and go on with my night but I would’ve definitely checked those bridesmaids and put them in their place. How are they mad at her for being mad! You don’t do that period!

  2. Ok I get the humor behind the speech… but the bachelorette party would have been a better place 4 that speech, not with the families there. Those girls knew better, was just all 4 the cameras

  3. The whole family vacations I hope 🤞 the girls and Angelina get along. I was so nervous about they hate her. I actually liked her. After the wedding, I would never forgive her for what happened. I’m heartbroken the way she blew everything. If you didn’t like what they say at least give them the chance to apologize…. Out of all the very nice things they did and said, she held on that one little thing which they meant no harm… I’m so hurt. It’s a misunderstanding but Angelina couldn’t handle well and hurt others. She was so easily manipulated. Don’t have her own opinion or feelings. She was fine with it then changed completely after heard from others. I’m so disappointed at her. Was rooting for her..😔. It’s killing me to say but get her out of here!!!! I’m done hoping. She can’t never be part of their family… Give her a new show! I will not be watching.

  4. It’s just funny how the replay a clip of mike saying “ I want this forever “ but keep in mind Angelina wasn’t even there! She wasn’t apart of the family and still isn’t!

  5. Angelina….honey… it is about an apology to you, because later you say all I want is for the girls to apologize to me! And they DID try to apologize to u that very night! U wanted nothing of it!! U are the reason this went on for as long as it did idiot.

  6. Angelina is so GD extra. I had someone literally try and ruin my wedding, on purpose. I had a full blown mental breakdown because of what this person did. But I put it to the side and I had a wonderful day. I didn’t let it ruin my wedding. And thank god for that! But this?! Holy cow. I miss Nicole too. 😭

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