The Cannabis Chemical Rivalry // THC vs. CBD

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  1. You review clothing. And cosmetics made in labor shops. You have no place to talk about cannabis. The "CBD" everyone uses is derived from hemp. Unless you are talking about isolate. It does matter where it came from. You never touched on that.

  2. With cannabis being so illegal any types of research into save for "smoke harm research" can not really go anywhere . say we find this miraculous lipid in there with biochemistry and prove it is so healthy for our cells ( which we have) = Then What !? Especially in America where NIDA has controlled all research into it the last 45 years or so . they stipulate to find only harms in the smoke … any other finding do not fit the test stipulations so are ignored

  3. people taking full extract cannabis oils ( FECO cannabis) have found much better relief than taking single molecule THC drugs available from pharma . In Europe there is Sativex which is a mix of THC and CBD from real cannabis plant … Sativex and epidiolex are cannabis tinctures

  4. 7:34 – there are over 25 cannabinoid drugs on the market and growing daily … fatty acid binding protein drugs ( Epoxides) are more so than the cannabinoid drugs but all based on endocannabinoid system methodology

  5. 6:17 – 570 total constituent parts / 150 of those are the acidic form cannabinoids like THC-a and CBD-a . about 60 out of those 150 are primary cannabinoids and the rest minor forms of those metabolites … and too, each of those carbon active /acidic form phytocannabinoids have a decarboxylated counterpart ( THC-a = THC) . on the living plant they are carbon active and once decarbed via oxygen or heat they become carbon neutral . we have only really researched around 111 or 12 of them so far

  6. 2:57 – CBD as antagonist of CB2 increases Epoxides and fatty acid binding proteins that regulate endocannabinoid production like MAGL/ DAGL/ CYP450 and TRPV1 . with enough CBD metabolism going on ( over 600mg servings) CBD can weakly back cross talk ( lipid rafts) to cb1 effecting ions there somewhat albeit very weakly . when using THC to activate cb1 , cb2 eventually gets activated too to recycle any free radical damages ( autophogy)

  7. Yeah , CBD has an open Pyran ring making it act in three dimensions where on the THC molecule that ring is closed . this makes CBD an antagonist compound and THC an agonist basically

  8. 1:24 – phytocannabinoid metabolism is non selective .. that means they do not Hi jack the cb receptors . if cannabinoids are not needed for signaling in a cell plant cannabinoids are not going to force signaling as they are incapable of doing so as non selective C-21/C-22 agonist/ antagonist terpenophenolics . with research of endocannabinoid system and how that system transports and degrades lipids into biochemicals we see that phytocannabinoids via N acyl Transferases is an essential fatty acyl in our cells … phytocannabinoids are few steps further than essential fatty acids because phytocanabinoids have more Structure ( information) .

  9. Thanks, Soph. It is amazing how you are able to study, digest and then present interesting and informative topics in a concise and humorous way. Don't let it go to your head but you are great at doing this.

  10. Love this video! I learned a lot, so much great science that I didn't know before. "Cheers Mr. Nixon" really got me, knowing at least a good portion of his role in the "war on drugs." I hope we can keep chipping away at prohibition.

  11. This is well timed for me, thanks Soph – I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromaygia for which I'm on Sulphasalazine (which is meant to help lower flare ups, plus heavy pain killers (Fentanyl patches and Pregabalin). Because of my history of abusing opiates for many years (mainly heroin plus amphetamines, LSD, crack etc etc!) the effect of pain killers isn't as good as it could/should be because of the changes long term drug abuse made to my brain chemistry, so I'm been thinking of either cbd or starting smoking weed again as I've heard they can benefit, although that is only anecdotal as I haven't seen any scientific trials regarding their usefulness.

    I'm hesitant tho because I'm 17 years clean and wary of both the social stigma with my recovery friends and becoming involved again with the drug scene and risking maintaining my recovery, however on the periphery I would be…

    So thank you again, you have given me food for thought – and great ad btw! (",)

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