The benefits of CBD. A lesson for beginners

In this video I teach about the benefits of using CBD. In the video I show all the things needed to smoke it in flower form, and also how it is improving my health …


  1. I've got some slight focus problems and also panick ones. I tend to panick from small things or overthink.

    Honestly i did search about CBD and saw it has many benefits on helping and treating even to ease the symptoms of a disease or anxiety.

    Also, i like the video.

  2. Hey girllllll lol. I'm a 60 yr white boy not that colors matter to me. It's all good. Anyways I'm new at getting back into cbd and your video is very helpful. Thanks for keeping it real and for helping people make the right choice. Peace.

  3. I'd been smoking CBD since I was on a weed tolerance break and it helps alot.

    Also, Raw Rolling Papers and High Hemp Wraps is also good choices as well since they both don't have tobacco in the wrap itself.

  4. does the bud smell like weed and when u light the cbd joint does it smell like weed a strong smell off the bud and when u light it cause it basically is weed with no thc so is the smell of it the same as thc weed and does the bud smell like it and when u light it and when u smoke it im pretty sure it does cause it baisically is weed with no high ??

  5. Smoking CBD helped my trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), my ADHD, my anxiety, depression. It’s really worth it for me. Especially with trichotillomania, so painful. I’m currently smoking prerolled stuff but I think I’ll definitely have to get some of your Bud Volt CBD bc that seems worth it as I’m smoking it pretty consistently.

  6. I use to get high 24/7 and then one night I had a really bad trip, and then I stoped I use to get paranoid and my anxiety would get even badder and I would feel like im gonna die, I know it silly but I have really bad depressed and anxiety was bad until I got on my depressed pills but I wanna really wanna start smoking again but I don’t like that (high feeling )

  7. If I smoke enough cbd it tens to give me the munchies I normally get my cbd flower from Arete hemp and I have a small pipe like that I'm not much of a blunt smoker but I do love my joints

  8. Salute Queen, I love your energy. The video was also very informative. CBD is great for natural healing. I sometimes mix the CBD flower with other herbs, such as Mullein. Mullein is like a lung tonic.

  9. That is great!! Glad that it is working for you 😊 I have some really amazing videos coming this week as well as videos sharing some experiencing I had in life and how I dealt with them.

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