Study: Medical Marijuana Helps Children Who Have Seizures | NBC Nightly News

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine saw a nearly 40 percent drop in seizures for participants who were using the marijuana …


  1. I hope the Evans’ family has looked into medical marijuana. On going studies are being done at major medical institutions using marijuana (removing the ingredient which causes the “high”) to treat epilepsy and other seizure-related conditions.

    Our neighbor’s daughter began having constant seizures and the hospital could do nothing for her. She was sent home and was seizing as they carried her from the car to her bed. Another neighbor’s husband had recently died from ALS and she had some medical marijuana left over
    which was used to treat him. It was in vapor form and, again, the “high” was removed. They gave her a small amount and within days her seizures were gone.

    I pray for Alfie and his family.

  2. After watching this show I went online and looked up absence seizures and saw a video of a child having one and it was like watching my 10 yr old. I've been telling his doctors that something was wrong. They kept telling me it was ok or maybe mild ADD. I made another appointment the day after watching this show and they did the tissue/breathing test and he had a seizure right then. The next day/yesterday I ended in the ER they ran more tests and he has seizures on both sides of the brain. This has been going on for about 2 years and it was getting worse. I'm so glad I watched this show. This family will always be in my prayers and I will always be thankful.

  3. cannabis has been use for decade in Vedic medicines but people in general has misused this plant . This plant should not be use to smoke to get high or for any form of intoxication. because of misusing this plant, cannabis should never be legalize.

  4. Of course it does, our community has known this for years! If the gov't would just stop the misinformation campaigns and scare tactics, then stories like this one wouldn't even be newsworthy!

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