Stop CBD Scams From Stealing Your Money With Dr. Phil

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  1. What about those CBD gummy bears from the Shark Tank show and the American Woman series. I thought I saw your photos and a bunch of actors in that add. She says that she makes CBD gummies for her husband and sells them online and it shows her making them sorta. It sounds great medical break throughs happen every day if this really did work for diabetics, it would be wonderful.

  2. I totally agree with shutting these scam artists down and everything you all said until Dr Oz mentioned about a fake c0vid vaccine. Would a fake c0vid vaccine be any deadlier and the real c0vid vaccine?🤣🤣🤣

  3. "Good health lies in knowing true medicine"
    We are manufacturers of all kinds of products, we even build houses with the best 100% legal organic CBD in the world grown in Canada, Colorado, Holland and now the best in the blue zone of the Planet of Costa Rica.

  4. cancel your credit card if the bank won't do it say you lost it and you will get a new one with new numbers so when they try to take out the money again it won't go through

  5. It’s endorsed by the CCP until they get caught, then they take their manufacturer out to save face. Americans are very complacent in head shops and vitamin stores! You’d be stunned how much is legally sold and has been that will end you or your child’s life immediately. Wish they’d stay on top of that, because the stuff is getting worse by the second. Look, most young people believe what they read online or are told by friends. The fact is what they can buy in gas stations and head shops will continue to kill them at massive rates. May as well drop a nuke on us all and get it over with because it’s gotten so much worse.

    I don’t care who’s face is being used! I care they expose what’s being sold! We cannot as parents watch our kids 24 hours a day and it’s happening in stores in their cities! Kratom? Stay away from it! It does not help with alcoholism or anything else. It’s damned deadly. That’s only one item! It won’t stop!

  6. Go to your bank and put fraud charges on them. Thats what I did. They will take it off and stop them. Anyone wants your credit card number, stop do not do it. Go check with BBB.

  7. This is so sad. I was tricked because I saw cbd oil endorsed by Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. Joyce is neither making or endorsing any cbd product. I canceled by credit card with unauthorized charge. That might be you only solution. I never opened mine, and after seeing this, mine is in the trash. I hope they find the source and shut them down.

  8. I want to know where I can get DR OZ and DR Phil's pain cream. A while back they offered the cream and CBD oil packaged together. I stopped it and I am so sorry I did. I tried to find where I can reorder. The cream works great for me. The package cost was very reasonable. I Do Not endorse any products but I endorse this

  9. Hello everyone am here to tell the world how Dr okosun on YouTube got me cured from Hsv 1&2 with his herbal medicine,, once again Dr okosun, God bless you and your family..😍😍

  10. I dated a nurse once and she took me to a faculty party at the hospital. Every doctor at the party introduced themselves as Dr. whatever their names were. It was the most narcissistic and pretentious gathering I've ever been to. So, after a couple of those smug pricks, I started introducing myself like this…"I'm heavy equipment operator, Jay". Lol

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