1. If this is for medical use why do I need a license. My doc. Should rite me a script for it just like any other medical drug ? This is a God given medical cure all and it is a miracle drug with only 2 side effects make's me sleepy and hungry two things I need help with anyway ( it should be free ) and at my local stores like they have alcohol and tobacco

  2. What the fuck man why can't they just legalize the shit they are trying to take people's rights to own firearms away just because they smoke weed but little Jimmy's dad can own 20 ak's and drink a 24 pack every night

  3. What good is it to pay $350 for a medical card to obtain medical marijuana, when the state of Florida won't even sell you any medical marijuana? They also don't let you buy real weed on the street or grow your own! So how is this not a big fucking scam? Buy our bud and your legal, but buy somebody elses or grow your own and you're a criminal! LOL
    The only people that are happy with the quality of medical bud in Florida are the rookie smokers and people who don't like to be high or stoned anyway.
    Total scam. Florida medical patients need to ban together and file a class action law suit against Florida for forcing us to buy their unacceptable garbage, and standing in the way of a patient obtaining real medical marijuana. I have my card, yet I'm still buying bud on the street. Go figure?

  4. 1:53 you really can tho. I went to the mmj doctor and told him I had anxiety and ptsd and he approved then and there. Got my card like three weeks later lol. Had no proof of ptsd or anxiety either. Even tho I do have anxiety and OCD lol

  5. So i'm 17 and struggle with depression and anxiety and I have a fast metabolism. I don't smoke weed occasionally but when i do, i get the munchies and eat way more then usual and it has been helping. it helps with the anxiety and depression to. If my mom was set up to be the caregiver, do you think i could get mine? im in Sarasota Fl so idk if that would be ok or not

  6. I live in Florida and I just set up an appointment because I felt comfortable enough being a new resident to do so with my anxiety and depression. The pain in my wrists and back and the insomnia that I have when I get into my anxiety spells where my thoughts race and I over think things pretty sure that's a form of OCD but I. Have never been able to afford a doc til now so never been diagnosed

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