State lawmakers moving forward with bill that would legalize medical marijuana in SC

A bill that would legalize medical cannabis in South Carolina passed the Senate Medical Affairs Committee Wednesday.


  1. So the SC republicans don't think cannabis has any medical uses but somehow a highly addictive opioid that can kill people is medicine just because a doctor prescribes it? No wonder the gop keeps restricting more and more voting rights, their party platform is about as anti human being as it gets.

  2. I ran for the NC House of Representatives in 2002 to legalize, and I only got 9.26 % of the votes.
    The news papers made me sound like a terrible person.
    20 years later… here we are.

    Where were all you people when I ran for office?

  3. I feel like they only want to appease their constituents instead of solving a problem. Medical pain is not the only use for Marijuana. Everyone thinks its so dangerous but liquor can be found on every cornerstore u walk in. Does it have a Medical purpose? No…but adults can buy it cold and jump on the road??? Their pockets probably full tho…

  4. The senator Lindsey Graham and governor Henry McMasters are against the legalization of marijuana even for medical use they are who are responsible for the legal agreement with the courts their states police departments to enforce the prohibition of marijuana. Voting is the only way to change this law.

  5. There are negative aspects to caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and alcohol too. Stop hiding g behind excuses. THe people voted, they said they want it, YOU want to hold it up. Fine, we'll see you in the unemployment line. Represent us you get the F(*&^ out.

  6. Perhaps, like they did in Florida, we need to sue the state to pass the law and to allow it to be smoked. – F*&^ Maybe.. The wheels are turning. We will want it, we are the people, we vote and we WILL get it the way WE want it. IF you don't like that, we will vote your AZZ out if not impeach your mentally slow azzes/

  7. Who were the "5"? Let's make sure they know where the nearest unemployment line is for them. Medical my azz. Make recreational legal – stop being last to do what is inevitable. Vote anyone out that stands in the way.

  8. I’m ashamed to be black now seeing that guy the issue is we still have people dying in jail for this u people are idiots. And it’s mainly minorities being affected by this and it is not right this is the true modern day racism THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM

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  10. I don't know if marijuana would help my pain. I bought some CBD oil and it made my arthritis hurt so bad I could barely move until it finally got out of my system. Now I'm stuck with this expensive CBD oil and I can't find anyone to buy it.

  11. Oh thank God! Hopefully that means I can use medial marijuana to finally get off of my narcotic pain meds, as well as the nightly dose of Ambien that I require just to sleep. I can't sleep at night without Ambien
    The amount of pain I'm in prevents me from sleeping thru the night without Ambien. This would be a miracle! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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