Smoking Marijuana Might Have Some Surprising Health Benefits – Newsy

Smoking marijuana can be bad for you, but these studies suggest that pot might also benefit your body. See more at Follow Newsy: …


  1. This is a bunch of hogwash there are hundreds of different drugs that will do the same benefit to the health problems that they are talking about here if I had cancer I sure as hell wouldn't want to be sitting around stoned all the time and paranoid and not in touch with reality the only benefit marijuana has is parting the one who smokes it with reality and as far as long as go this is a bunch of hogwash anytime you breathe smoke and constantly heavily you're doing damage to your lungs marijuana smoke is no exception they're putting this garbage out there so they can make a buck off selling marijuana Etc this is all garbage don't believe in people it's crap the only thing marijuana is good for is turning you into a degenerative dysfunctional stoner with a radical attitude that's all you'll ever have and if the pot is taken away from you for whatever reason and you been on it for a long time and smoking and heavily you're going to have all kinds of problems and symptoms and side effects and God damn fools

  2. Mary outright kills cancer cells. Why? Cancer cells have receptors specifically designed for mary called cannaonboids or some shit, resulting in that cancer's untimely death. Culture high documentary. Sounds crazy but the proof is in the pudding, why is big pharma copy pasting mary's elements if its such an evil drug?????? Mmmmm

  3. There are hundreds of people curing their tumors, internal and skin cancers using concentrated cannabis extract by ingesting it orally and applying it topically. Several short films have been made regarding this including "Run from the Cure", "Cured: A Cannabis Story", "Joanne Crowther's Story: Beating B-cell lymphoma with Cannabis Oil" and many others. It's remarkable!

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