Severe Mange with Seizures! Baby Guinea Pig Rescue Mission

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  2. I rescued a little one off of Kijiji from a farm, she had really bad mange. Took 2 fungal baths, 5 visits to a vet for ivermectin drops and injections before the mange was finally gone. She still can be touchy/bitey if you touch her butt, belly or chin where the mange was, and been cured for 7 months. So it could take a while for the baby to be adoptable.

  3. Made it like 1/3 of the way through, heart breaking like you said feel helpless. How I feel about my wife and her autoimmune conditions, instantly hit me and couldn’t finish it. It’s amazing you gave him the best years of his life. Now I can’t stop crying knowing Nails is gone, haven’t even been able to order his tshirt because I can’t mentally. R.I.p Nails

  4. Poor Nails, I wasn't even planning on watching this again, knowing what happened, but it showed up in the thumbnails on the side. Survived being in such awful condition. I can only imagine how much pain and discomfort he was in and how long he had been suffering so. I think the damage was already done from having been in this condition too long. I hate pet stores. they let this go so long and didn't know how to help him. At least you guys cleared all this up and made his suffering go away and he got to live longer than he would have. Still makes me sad seeing this now.

  5. My piggies would do that too, but not much. Raw coco nutbutter sorts it out within hrs.
    I would NEVER wrap though, must be killing them cos it itches and they need 2 scratch.

  6. Urgh, my Nans guinea pigs used to get mange from the grass she cut as there were mangy foxes about. I think they had it twice. We cured ours with a disinfectant shampoo but it was really mild as we got it quickly.

  7. I have a 5-year-old guinea pig that is being treated for mange mites and is having seizures. The vet put a kitten dose of Revolution on the back of his neck a few days a go but he is still having seizures. I ordered the ivermectin horse paste from Amazon. Will it be okay to give my guinea pig the paste the same week I gave him Revolution? I have him on Metacam (Meloxicam) for pain. I am glad I found your information on mites and guinea pigs. I've been to a couple of vets in my area about my guinea pig's health but your information is better than the hundreds of dollars I've spent at the vet's offices. Thank you Saskia!

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