1. Why is everyone in these comments so negative about weed edibles? That's I have but I think it's no different to drinking? You don't have it at work or driving etc. I've only ever had a good time

  2. First time I try edibles I eat five gummy bears just two find out the guy Liquidating a hole pound into the batch I layed on the coach crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣I was high four five hours it felt like I was under water I was stuck my room mate sead dam u look like your Paralyzed

  3. Ate some edibles at a new years party in 2015 first time eating edibles I think they were 400 mg which I didn't know until after but I blacked out and woke up 7 hours later in a random apartment lobby in the middle of winter -40 c. With no jacket no phone no nothing crazy experience

  4. Did some edibles for the first time ever and mind you I’ve never smoked before. Took 60mg and thought my lungs were slowly being ripped out of my body or sum shit. I just slept that shit off like a g tho 😎 I take about 50mg every night before bed now

  5. I had ate too much of edibles one time and had an out of body experience which turned into a panic attack…I could feel my heart beating fast a s f and when I talked it sounded like I was in 3rd person I thought I was dead or about about to die

  6. I just got a hundred mg edible I smoke herb everyday about three or four bowls a night after work it says 100 mg chocolate bar divided n 5 pieces I'd be cool to eat the whole thing right

  7. I took some whoppers and a chocolate and I been fucked up since 4 days ago I always have bad trips and even now I feel like I can’t remember shit and stupid guess this is a lesson to never do it again

  8. bro i took an edible once and i was running at like 2 am outside at my old school in pitch dark through like a path. i deadass thought i was in a temple run level bro.

  9. Edibles is not for everyone its a sacred plant works only with mystical persons , many people they become paranoic when they eat edibles but this paranoid is not a bad thing its just all the odds that facing you and perhaps one this odds could happen to you and the weed scary you and warn you and show you things before they come and this odds always wrong because the one who used edibles is not a realistic enough to perceive the exact odds or predictions , so that's why this paranoic ideas is always scary and dark for the consumers

  10. For the love of God! Psilocybin mushrooms are, not, poison! I cannot believe how many people still think this! They mimic The neurotransmitter serotonin and attached to those receptors in your brain. They are not, NOT, causing you to hallucinate because they are poisoning you.

  11. Why don’t black men believe in therapy why would they put down Tiger Woods for going to rehab and actually growing and changing his life. Or at least attempting too

  12. I remember my friend said his girl made rice crispy treat type edibles, they told me a bite is good enough, didnt feel shit, I had 6 of them shits within 15 minutes, I was tripping balls

  13. I took ONE. I repeat ONE single sour edible . It took 52 mins for me to feel it but when I did I felt like I was going to have a stroke, I took a shower and felt like I was showering on a cloud like if nothing but my bathtub existed on earth. I don’t remember most of what happened I just know I felt so bad, I was high high for 9 hours and after that it was just a feeling of extreme tiredness for almost 48 hours. Never again am I eating an edible the experience I had was horrible

  14. I used to eat a lot of edibles until one night I made some with my gf. I didn't realize she used the whole pan of cannabutter into one pan of brownies. When I tried them it tasted like straight cannabutter and I only had 4 small pieces. I knew we were fucked when the high came instantly and both our stomachs hurt. Long story short my gf projectile vomited everywhere and I called the ambulance for her because I was so uncomfortable high. It wasn't a normal, "I am too high". It felt like bad food positioning. My heart rate was at heart attack level in the ambulance. Let me cation you all, edibles are usually great but it you take too much it can be a bad experience.

  15. so funny to watch this now and most of em were under the stigma that mushrooms are bad. truth is, there medicinal and hey they help, they really help.

  16. I took edibles for the first time yesterday and I had to be coached on how to breath again. I could barely talk I was so paranoid and kept getting mini panic attacks. It felt like it was lasting for hours but it only lasted 45 minutes. The dry mouth and the shaking was unbearable. Eating food definitely helps after a while. That’s definitely my last time. I honestly thought I would die. 🤯🤣

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