Seeds, Soil & Sun: How to Grow Cannabis (#3 How To Determine Male/ Female Plants)

Today on Seeds, Soil & Sun: How to Grow Cannabis we learn how to determine if a plant is male or female. for …


  1. Dude I can't believe I clocked on another one of these awful videos. Kill those males way before they flower. Why would you let them even get that big it freaks me out. Are you trying to make new genetics? Or are you just hoping you don't get seeds

  2. Great video I have a few teenager plants but they ALL suffer from height , maybe 8 inches tall but lots of leaves branches etc , what did I do wrong to stunt the height growth, thank you

  3. Im soo confused…sooo, I sprouted 6 seedlings of which 5 popped…they are mystery bag seeds but I know for a fact they come from 🔥 mother..however, idk if they are males or females..i will know in about 2 weeks…this is where the confusion comes…do i not want any male plants?..if one of my plants are malr and the other 4 female fo i jus move the male and shake his pollen on the females or jus throw him away??..if they are all females will they jus grow and bud on their own without my needing a male??..first time grower here and im doin it indoor..any and all help is appreciated…im 100% winging it lol

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