Roseville police say arrests made after gas station sold snacks, candy containing marijuana

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – A family from Roseville said they purchased snacks from a gas station in town and later realized the snacks had THC, marijuana’s high-producing chemical, in them.

The family told Roseville Mayor Robert Taylor about the incident and their report sparked a police investigation.

“The concern was that they went into the store and they were able to purchase what they thought were Gushers for $12.99 and that was a little outrageous on the price so they looked at the back of the package and it said, ‘contains THC, keep out of the hands of children,’” Mayor Robert Taylor said.

The packages look very similar to the candy or snack they are imitating.

Warheads containing THC. (WDIV)

“They basically walked right in the gas station and asked for the products that were behind the counter and they (the edibles) were sold to them,” Roseville Police chief Ryan Monroe said.


Monroe said he is concerned that children won’t be able to tell the difference between the candy and an edible.

“I have small children, one of those looks like one of the treats we used to give our kids all the time,” Monroe said.

While recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, it is illegal to sell marijuana out of a gas station.

“You shouldn’t be selling this stuff. Roseville doesn’t even have an ordinance yet to allow the people to sell,” Taylor said.

Police have not identified the gas station. The investigation is ongoing and arrests have been made.

Police said they confiscated several thousand dollars worth of marijuana edibles.

If you want to ensure that the snack you purchased is not marijuana, you should look at the label. Edibles will often have the phrase “medicated” or list the amount of THC.

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Doritos containing THC. (WDIV)

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