Questions answered on when recreational marijuana will be legal in Arizona

After Prop. 207 passed easily on Tuesday night, it’ll still be weeks before recreational marijuana will be legal in Arizona and months before people can buy the …


  1. Oasis Cannabis | Glendale 6676 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308 so today I received a text from this dispensary that their Cresco products were on BOGO so I decide to place an order when i got there they wouldn't honor the offer the manager was rude and not understanding when THE TEXT I RECEIVED STATED verbatim

    BOGO Cresco!

    Available for DELIVERY at ALL Oasis Dispensary locations!

    Order NOW on SUPURB!

    Reply STOP to stop

    so I go there and they tell me it's for only concentrates but it doesn't state that anywhere in text so i drove from mesa to here and phoenix just to be told no and they were clear on text AVOID THIS PLAY ID YOU DONT WANNA DRIVE ACROSS TOWN AND WAIST YOUR GAS AND DEAL WITH SOME UNREASONABLE MANGER

  2. we need the tax funds asap. dont smoke it anymore but i may buy some and save it as proof AZ is an advanced population. knowing and acting on facts over non facts.

  3. Naperville, Il banned pot shops as an ordinance. Hope that doesn't happen here
    Clench my pearls, an herb that came out of the ground, it's little shop of horrors!

  4. I fucking hate Californians, liberal pieces of shits talking about how bad America is for colonialism but, here they are in Arizona colonizing it not assimilating. Fucking wrecking our state like the shit hole they came from.

  5. To all the people that will start a relationship with this plant please read this. This plant not only heals the physical body but also mind and soul. At the beginning of the relationship it will show you the real you. It will show you a heightened perspective of your self and life. As the relationship continues, it will become a tool for meditation, clarification, tranquility. Do not be scared off by the first few connections with cannabis. And remember, there are hundreds of different strains.

    History Fact: In 1974 the National Institute of Health paid researchers at Medical College of Virginia to find evidence that Marijuana damages the immune system, instead they found that THC slows down growth of 3 different types of cancer. The DEA quickly shut down the study and all further cannabis research.

  6. 6 plants the anti change to real will try and impose their b s . one would think after over 10,000 years of a human test trial we might wake up. but kinda slow going it seems. what the lot on weed should be is the same as beer.

  7. A lot of people can benefit from just juicing a small bunch of the leaves in with a smoothie . That's the real medicine. That has been made unavailable by the corrupt governance. It doesn't even make you high that way with a small bunch . It's like a spice or herb like cillantro reverses allshiemers. These puds need to stop profiting from basic human rights to such things. Personally I don't use it to become incapacitated or deranged – but I would like to preserve my right to use it in it's true nutritional capacity etc. The control of such things should be left up to each individual and responsible adult , clearly.

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