Our Hemp Farming Story – How to grow a profitable CBD hemp farm in 2021

Visit to download the free #Hemp #Farming Timeline and Budget Planner. One of the major problems with many …


  1. Did you only till once to get the soil correct? Most things I have read claim tilling the soil or horrible for it and the longevity of the soil. I look forward to your input. 🙂

  2. Plants free of water deficit events more efficiently absorb available plant nutrients enabling plants to achieve their maximum genetic potential. SWRT membranes installed below plant rootsystems retain water where it falls, providing continuous delivery of drought-free periods up to 3 times longer than intensely irrigated control sands without root zone water retention membranes (Guber et al, 2016).

  3. Do you send everything to a manufacturing facility to be made into plastics, ropes, biofuel etc? If so, how much do they usually pay per plant? Please reply, thank you!

  4. I have Subscribed to your guys Channel, also I ring the bell so I don’t Miss out on your furniture uploads. We are getting ready for the up coming second growing season here in Kansas. I have a question what kind of genetics are you using for your crop of hemp. Thanks Cody

  5. The info provided by you is upto professional mark thanks for that but the background music was a big… big…. big distraction kindly keep the music on slowest mode….
    Otherwise good job….👍👍😊

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