New cannabis drug could help more families treat seizures if approved by FDA

A new cannabis drug awaiting FDA approval could help more families treat seizures. With approval, it would be eligible for insurance coverage, meaning more …


  1. And the media to show these types of videos, doesn’t really do anything for us patients, or the parents of the patients, it’s just to prove a point, you can prove many different points about this medicine without having to show all kinds of unnecessary over exaggerated things, the FDA does it’s thing, but as a state we need to step up and do our thing, yes for all categories and types of illnesses

  2. Come on guys, as a state we need to spread out the focus, yes we get it, about the whole seizure thing, and the seizure patients get it, but it’s really freaking hard to go through all the hurdles to obtain the, oil, just decriminalize this medicine/plant and let patient obtain it the right way, with lab tested analysis, as long as we keep on talking about it, and it’s magical properties, we really ain’t solving the problem so all the proper people/lawmakers, and of course us voters, just need to make it happen and stop talking about it, I talk about this very subject on my channel and lastly, educating yourself about what you’re smoking is very very knowledgeable, and even if you don’t smoke, this medicine, you still need to be educated about it, so therefore you won’t stigmatize it like this state currently does 🌱🔵🎆🌿

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