Medicated Chocolate Bars | Easiest Edible Recipes

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  1. Only thing I would recommend is that you temper the chocolate correctly and your final product will be so much nicer looking with less air bubbles and it also won’t melt the minute you take it out of the fridge

  2. What's the shelf life/stability? If using store bought readymade candy bars, does it impact the shelf stability (in a good way), for example since Hershey bars are already tempered? Thx

  3. I wonder how high would a non-tolerant person be if he/she accidentally ate whole chocolate bar having 800mg of THC in it. That amount is in 4-5 grams of good quality cannabis buds.

  4. Hoping when I have time to see if you've made any peanut butter fudge one's…I am dying to make some of THAT!! When I find a GQQD recipe. I JUS' now found you by SEARCH'n for chocolate BAR's!! BTW…Thank you so much for your time and helpful VIDEO's!!

  5. Thanks that was extremely helpful! Just getting my feet wet so to speak. I have one question, are chocolates always made by mixing the distillate/chocolate before the mold or are syringes ever used to distribute the THC?

  6. Please never use reclaim impossible without test to see how much cannabinoids left Throw away reclaim if dabbed properly you've extracted 85-90%. Dont smoke reclaim or pipe resin.

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