Medical marijuana bill passes through Tennessee Senate committee, conditions attached

Sen. Steve Dickerson (R – Nashville) is in his fifth year of bringing forth legislation that would legalize certain forms of cannabis for medical use.


  1. It should be Legal (totally)- Tennessee is charging me for healing myself of over 10 chronic disease's, hacked every device, preventing the truth by controlling and allowing innocent American's to suffer and DIE knowingly and willingly, view gov/senator letter and other's with many to come! view 100's disease's cured or reversed Thank you B F Reed

  2. Why make Marijuana legal? Critical to know Who i sDr Raphael Mechoulam  how the "Endocannabinoid System was discovered in the 1990's and how THC was isolated. @
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  3. If it was your kids with serious illness or in a wheelchair you would be all for it this speaks volumes of what kind off ppl you are we need to get you out of the chair if you wont give the ppl what they want I live in pain all the time because of you I wish you could just fill my pain for a day or even just a few hours and you would then say yes it just makes me so sad..😥😭 VOTE NO TO BO NEXT CHANCE YOU GET GOODBYE SENATOR BO

  4. Schedule 1 lol. That alone shows the competence of the government. Debate after debate year after year. How many people have to suffer because of the government's stupidity?

  5. Bill Lee is holding back Tennessee and has been out of touch with the people…. we need new faces with new ideas that are forward thinking and have the needs and desires of Tennesseans in mind, not someone locked in time and out of touch. time to vote him out!

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