[LIVE] Real epilepsy/seizure patient CBD Discussion With Marijuana Doctor Seizures

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  1. I was on escitalopram and two weeks since I stared the treatment. I tried weed for the first time in my life. I had two seizures in a row. Weed is just horrible I can believe some people think this s*it can treat anxiety

  2. Cbd oil will only work if you take it and cbd oil will only wake if you allow it to in some cases cbd may not work or may not help people but everyone different so cant take ur word from it everyone body ate not the same as his I was using cbd oil and it worked for me but can't us it atm because I've just found out I'm pregnant

  3. There is true science behind WHY high CBD works for seizures, it works upon the GABAergic receptor system to soothe and reduce the gated ion chanel activity thereby lowering seizure threshold. CBD is the only known compound, at least that I know of, that acts upon the GABA receptors without causing receptor down-regulation like benzodiazepines do. I have seen an 8 year old boy that was in the midst of a 16+ seizure episode day have his seizures ENTIRELY stop within an hour and 11 minutes! He had gone through two seizures "in my very presence" while I spoke with his mother about the 20:1 CBD/THC tincture I had given her to try. It was so good to hear from her about a week later when she told me he only had 2 "minor" seizures in the whole week! Down from over a hundred a week to 2 is miraculous! If it was a high THC tincture the kid would be high as balls every single day and who knows how many seizures he would have had! CBD works on seizures PERIOD… I have witnessed it.

  4. Weird…I was taking cbd oil for epilepsy seizures. It didn’t stop my seizures so I increased the mg to 1000. When I did that I noticed that I started seizing every time I took a dose of it. So I stopped taking it. I was so puzzled about this, but this video helped me to understand what was happening. Wow! Thanks doc!

  5. This guy is a joke.. No offense. I have Tonic clonic Seizures and ever since i introduced CBD/THC oil I've went from weekly to one or two seizures every few months.. and I am followed by a physician, therefore prescribed.

  6. I used to smoke marijuana on a daily basis from 15-30. I started again recently and found it made my heart race. I shared this with a doctor and they said it was the THC. They recommended Charlotte's Web (CBD oil). I was not taking it for my seizures but for sleep. Smoking a bowl used to help me sleep but Imakes my heart race. The CBD makes me feel relaxed but I am waking up with headaches in the morning and have had a number of seizures since I started taking it. I had 3 just today. Some feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

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