Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana Gaining Support On 4/20 | NBC Nightly News

Recreational marijuana is already legal in nine states and now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he is planning to introduce a bill to decriminalize …


  1. It's just crazy that you can smoke pot in Washington DC but the neighboring state Virginia you can't.. so it's right that our nation's capital "DC" can light up? So where most of our decisions are made and governed you are allowed to smoke pot……… Crazy mess..

  2. The Addiction problem will get worst using Marijuana… Its like Cigarettes.. They are trying addict you to make money and addiction is the most powerful sickness that can happen to a human.. It is the only disease that tells you, you don't have a disease.. Our world is plagued by it.. Alcohol, Drugs, Pills, Cigarettes and Marijuana are the most deadly..

  3. Well there will be idiots who won't smoke responsibly.
    It should be obvious that you shouldn't drive after smoking marijuana nor should you operate any machinery.
    But that will not stop the idiots.

  4. I love the liberal logic: We have a major growing drug problem-they want billions to fight the problem,so lets allow more drugs to be put out there to make more folks become addicted to use? We can't control alcohol and drunk driving,so lets add one more mind altering drug to the mix? And my all time favorite: we only have limited success with drug programs to help drug users,but once we legalize pot,who boy,the skies will open up and all those programs become 100% effective( it's magical,don't ask how it works– unless your stoned)

  5. A lot of us don't realize that quitting weed can be possible in as little as a couple of weeks – without having to go through a horrific withdrawal. There are many ways to get it over with, but you can try Nemery Thentel's website for a proven detox program that has helped thousands achieve it on their own terms.

  6. They aren't going to legalize it in Texas anytime soon because the government FBI and DEA are profiting from the money and drugs they get from the traffickers. They most likely sell the product they confiscated back to drug dealers by the government's own undercover agents. And thus the money cycle keeps going back to the government or individuals in the government

  7. The police should be sued for terrorism and put in front of a firing squad for killing innocent people. There's no recovery for what they do to people.

  8. There is a corrupt police officer in Honolulu. Friends with the fat mestizo Officer, and the Vietnamese Officer Nguyen. He doesn’t like the new police chief. Also he helped a moron run around at a city park with a golf club making threats. He is in with Rev Jesse Jackson, Dr George Dyer in Massachusetts, and many Jews in zip 10520 including a- hole Norman Sheer. They need to do time.

  9. Schools are not better funded here in Oregon. The small amount of taxes raised along with More taxes raised from Your labor will go to support the lazy junkies who Abuse government programs. You will work. Meanwhile they sit around and smoke dope all day.

  10. Let's be honest, they see how much money is coming in and they want to take their piece of that. If that money goes toward anything beneficial for the children like after school programs, better education in public schools, etc. I only have one thing to say.


  11. We need it legalized in every state. Our community's would benefit from it in several ways. Our public schools, roads and parks are just a few. Legalizing pot wold also help stop the amount of hardworking good people from getting stuck in the legal system for something as small as a ten dollar bag of pot. Its insane to make someone take 2 drug classes a week for 9 weeks. And make you take a drug test and pay 35 dollars every time. Miss one class, test or payment and you start over.

  12. Even the cops want to smoke. Baggin stoners by laying down food, they know whats up. If cops could smoke a J on thier off time i bet they wouldnt shoot as many people on the job.

  13. We have no solution to DACA recipients, we need to make permanent the most recent tax cuts, we need to secure our borders and secure our schools, put an end to the criminalization of politics, and yet these turds want to waste time deciding the fate of a recreational drug.

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