Is Carnivore Bad? Optimizing Our Diet for Optimal Health – Dom D’Agostino

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dom D’Agostino, a neuroscientist, researcher and associate professor at the University of South Florida. Dom is someone …


  1. Judy,I just ordered your book, can't wait to dig in. I've been keto 3 years lost 75# and healed several conditions), carnivore the last year, in an attempt to further improve my gut health and Sjogrens Syndrome symptoms. However I've just been diagnosed with methane SIBO by breath test. Any suggestions? I'm working with my functional medicine doctor, but really value your carnivore wisdom. 🙏 THANKS

  2. Hypervitaminosis should be easy to prevent on carnivore. Simply, don't eat too much organ meats too often. And maybe otherwise regularly limit your nutritional intake: OMAD, TMAD, time restricted eating, intermittent fasting, or calorie restriction.

    How would adding in plant foods, as Dom suggests, necessarily be helpful? All that would do is add in nutritionally deficient foods to offset the nutritionally dense foods. But why not just simply eat less of the nutritionally dense foods?

  3. Is there anyone on a low-carb diet who isn't metabolically flexible? Do we really need to add carbs to our diet and spike our insulin really high on occasion to maintain metabolic flexibility? I follow ketovore and rarely eat carbs. But sometimes I'll have some wild berries or whatever. I've never noticed any problem in handling those occasional carbs. I'd assume most people, if not everyone, on a long-term low-carb diet would easily process carbs. Our bodies produce glucose as needed with gluconeogenesis. So, it's not like the body forgets how to process and use glucose.

  4. I can't gain weight if I do a strict carnivore diet, even if eating freely all day, as long as I avoid dairy. Recently, I've been doing TMAD on workdays and strict carnivore has been challenging to get all my calories. I found it impossible without dairy. The only way I can avoid losing too much body fat right now is by getting massive amounts of dietary fat. And the easiest source of fat to consume is dairy, particularly butter and cheese.

  5. I still would love to learn more about glycation happening with eating fat and and sugar. It just might be something that we really don't want to know about because we like it…

  6. In my experience, and in my country, my health failed when I was lacking vitamins and minerals.

    Health problems result when you don't get the fine balance between excess and deficiency. Probably the people who benefited from carnivore were people who had an excess in nutrition rather than the latter, or perhaps the meat bought was fortified or enriched.

    The problem is companies don't tell us what vitamins and minerals are in food, unless they are specified as literally a fortified or enriched food.

    Here's a legal experiment to see if your laws on food is owned by you or companies. Try to get the law changed on including vitamin/mineral information on packaging. If you find it difficult, maybe there is special interest restricting you from doing that which affects their profits

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