Iowa lawmakers discuss the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana

Iowa lawmakers discuss the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana Subscribe to KCCI on YouTube now for more: Get more Des …


  1. My family are full blown Republicans an we are from iowa and believe in legalizing it. Its helped me out in some dark times better then any pills the doctors would throw at you.

  2. Legalize it. We who are adults have free will and it is our choice. Be nice to relax and get some sleep at night and not be stressed all the time. Less drugs and legalize pot. It could get rid of our opiate problem real fast. IF we would promise to smoke it in our own homes and stay off the roads what is the problem? Legalize it now or everyone will just cross the border and give our money to another state.What does the gov't of Iowa want? More money or a lot of unhappy people? And the ones who don't want it legal drink booze but that is okay?

  3. unacceptable to treat citizens as subject's. Were more like customers. If we are not treated well we put you out of business all of you democrats and republicans.

  4. So when can we kick out the old guy who wants to not notice every other state literally being completely fine
    He acts like it’s gonna chaos and final destination is gonna happen all over the streets

  5. 2:46 – "It's just going to open up the door and it's going to exasperate the problem."

    What problem? Be specific, use evidence.. there's been states that have had legal weed for years, show us the issues they have that you're "protecting us from".

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