1. In the uk its hard to find a good trustworthy brand.. the fact its not regulated is the annoying part. A gamble buying them and seeing if they work.

  2. I have severe health issues and terminal illness, google recommends 600mg for cancer patients.
    I just felt a little drowsy, no euphoria etc. Waste of £40
    Where as I can get a few diazepam for £5
    A £20 bag 1.5g of actual decent weed

    Morphine for a good day, the same price.

    If I wanted to feel what I did off cbd I'd take a 300mg pregablin capsule with a beer.

    What an absolute scam I can't believe I wasted my money that could have spared me pain.

  3. 50mg is what I take each night myself as is lol.

    It helps calm you down and relax your breathing pattern.

    Gives me amazing sleep. I love cbd so much, now that I've finally found solid brands.

    Thing with cbd is, tons of low quality brands out there. You have to ensure you are receiving high quality cbd extracts.

  4. I don't know what you get there but I made a huge mistake and I thought it wasn't working. I then had more. I don't know how much I had at the end because I basically drunk half the bottle, I know my bad. So that was on Monday and I slept for an entire day, it's now Thursday night and I'm only feeling normal now. Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it

  5. I smoke cbd flower and cbg I roll 1 gram mini joints so my shit is 20% CBD the highest I have is 25% so 1 gram is 200 mg roughly I go through 4 joints back to back and ohhh my God the feeling is amazing it's not a high but a euphoria high it feels amazing soo happy so relaxed ! So I take close to 1000 mg a day ! Your dose of 100 mg lol is weak .. lolol

  6. I knew someone out their had wondered the same thing as me. Glad you made a video and answered my question, I’ve taken up to 200 mg CBD per day. For anxiety disorders you need much higher then the recommended 20-50 mg

  7. Fun fact: The recommended doses are almost completely pointless. I have a friend who has minor anxiety who gets relief at doses over 100mg. Another one of my friends is absolutely brilliant, but has crippling social anxiety. He can take 30mg and function completely normally. So my message here is: Experiment with your dosage and find the amount that is right for YOU! Hope whoever reads this has an awesome life.

  8. Today i took 60ml of CBD RAW (3000mg) High Potency by Lazarus Naturals , i'm waaaay too relaxed Do you think 30 mg for me would be better for everyday use because if sleepy and lazy hahaha AF! i am 176 cm 80 kg 37 years

  9. 200mg? Nothing would happen…same effects as smoking 1g of hemp with 20% of cbd on there…nice video btw, is educative nonetheless, but people need to start learning basic chemistry (or remember school days) xD…have a nice one 🙂

  10. My mother in-law just had a knee replacement and is just starting to take CBD tincture. Trying to figure out a good dosage for pain relief. Bottle indicates 2500 mg 83.3 mg/ml , so we’re starting with .25 ml and will increase probably to 1ml dose = 83.3 mg. Curious if she will get the pain relief she needs as she is in extreme pain from the procedure.

  11. It is great, but for it to be optimal and magical, like the plant is, you need natural Full spectrum, and most cbd produced isn't. They kill the terpines and the spectrum and bottle up tons of oil. Try it from good cured buds 10% cbd or more and see the difference, there is no comparison. It is magical plant, don't let greed f..ck it up, like Pharma.

  12. I did some research and found that if you want to feel the effects of CBD oil, you should take the right dosage. Too less of it can have no effect, the same goes with taking too much. It’s about finding the sweet spot.

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