HOW TO MAKE CHILLI HEMP THE EASY WAY Want to know how to prepare the best carp fishing Chilli Hemp? With a little time, effort and patience you can!


  1. Would you need a cool box to do this or can you put it in the bucket your taking your spod mix in as didn’t know whether the water expanding would cause problems to a bucket plastic 17l spomb bucket

  2. Hi Leon, would this method be fine to use when preparing other particles? I'm wanting to use some flaked maize and wondered if this would do the job and make it safe to use. Thanks in advance 👍

  3. Ill tell you one ive been using all summer and im reluctant to share as they go loopy for it and you know how once something catches on you loose that edge, still i cant be that way….but Garlic and Ginger, i crush a small lump of fresh ginger into a paint strainer ( fine cloth bag) and put 4 or five garlic segments in and let it soak n then boil, remove em when its done and use the hemp as normal… they are like crack heads for the shit for some reason, knock up a bit and see for yourself 👍👍

  4. It should be spelled as Chile!

    At least that’s how it’s spelled here in New Mexico! Probably because our Chile Peppers are the best in the world and are too good to be spelled with an i!

    I was fly fishing the other day and I putted on a little piece of Hemp Twine on for a strike indicator, and the fish actually seemed more interested in the hemp than the fly!

    I’m thinking I should try fishing with hemp more and also since it’s almost Chile harvest time here this might be something cool to try out!

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