How medical marijuana saved my life – seizures and cannabis oil success story- CAMnabis

Email us directly: Hello! My name is Cam. I’m 23 years old, I’m severely disabled and I live in Northern California with my family.


  1. God bless you for making this video. My daughter suffers from Lenox gastaut syndrome and we are considering trying cannibus oil to help her improve. She's able to walk but she is non verbal. I can see thru her seizures and it seems like she is like she is trying to fight thru them. I needed to see more proof of the benefits and this video is definitely that. I'll pray for you and Cam.

  2. Great video. I'd rather pay out of pocket than insurance. As you can see there outrageous the pharmasuiticals. Anyway I hate politicians. Quit your meds and the monopoly will to away!

  3. Beautiful and well done video/mini documentary, Libby.  I feel privileged to have gotten to meet you during your trip to Albany. I pray the public becomes aware quickly and the states do the right thing for the patients.

  4. Wonderful mini-documentary, thank you so much!  Cannabis is such an incredible plant and using each and every part of the plant we can get people through anything.  Yes, there is a place for both; Western medicine to tell you what is wrong and Canna Therapy for the treatment!  There is a preparation for everything, for sure.  I need to add Suppositories to the discussion on our webpage, but other than that if you'd like to look here you go:  Blessings!

  5. As an MD, the paragraph beginning at 5:20 strikes me as the most important in terms of potential activism.  "What the endocannabinoid system does is so complex, . . . ".  Were I to initiate a 501(c)(3), this would be my mission statement.  It is beautifully phrased and absolutely essential to the success of MMJ now and 50 years from now.

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