1. Laughing. …….Kansas is the toilet bowl of states! I mean that literally! Let's look shall we? First, only 13 states tax groceries! Now, this means that along the 400 plus miles of the Kansas border to the north, meaning Nebraska. They do not tax groceries! So, any family on a budget can save $8.50 on every $100 worth of groceries! A trip off $400 saves $34 !!!!!!!! So, they can afford the extra miles and still save money! That's revenue Kansas, doesn't get back! Only 7 states tax groceries at the regular sales tax! So we move on to Oklahoma! No tax on groceries! Again revenue going out, nothing to start attracting revenue to come in! Another 400 mile plus border of leaky wallet syndrome. Oh, you can't tell me those out of state rush here to pay taxes on groceries, now would they? So, onward we go to Colorado! Kansas revenue flows over the border of Kansas into Colorado, and drops like Niagara Falls!!!! The purchase of marijuana, groceries, and just about everything since Kansas prides itself on being the toilet of the center of the U.S. with nothing to show for it! Hell the farmers destroy the state trees to spread more contaminated chemicals, and instead of working a field, they light a match wiping out ground nesting birds! Even the state bird has its nest go up in flames! The rate Kansas is going, we might as well pack up and move since have nothing to offer to vacationers! At least marijuana sales tax would give Kansas schools some hope with funding, and possibly improve the state to give it a friendly reputation, instead of "Sir, do you have any Drugs, Weapons, or Explosives in your vehicle? " The money Kansas would save on prosecution of marijuana possession, would be staggering alone. But hey, Kansas has it's head sick up its ass, and by the time it gets pulled out, every state around Kansas will be legal, and Kansas won't be taking back any lost revenue, it will merely be keeping what little is left here! But let's not forget the jobs that would open up across the state! That number is staggering in itself. And if there's a natural substance, that can make those that suffer from illness have a better day without big pharma pumping out the scripts, then why not have it! And if there's a few drops of oil that could save a child from seizures, what the fuck are we waiting on? Tomorrow never comes! Then again, look at Kansas! Idiots that voted for Marshall, Estes, and Mann! I'm sorry, but a doctor that specializes in yeast infections is not really a qualification to be a senator! After all, that same acclaimed Dr. held mask less rallies for his entire campaign in a pandemic! Now, tell me how that measures up to be senator material! Oh, just because his name is on the Republican ticket, you voted for him! I see! Using that theory I guess Kansans own BTK killer could get elected if he was on the Republican ticket! Explain to me the difference, I'd love to hear it! No, Kansas has about as much chance as saving itself as water has flowing in a dessert. The best part about Kansas is, 49 states cam look and see what Kansas did, and choose to do, and do exactly the opposite!
    Only 13 states tax Social Security, Kansas is one of those too! But you watch, Kansas will pass up any and every opportunity to improve itself! Oh, oh oh. …… I forgot! Manhattan Ks. Will now have it's own version of the Wuhan lab right in Manhattan! Sleep well little boys n' girls!

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