How CBD Can Be Used to Treat Athlete’s Pain

The Doctors and former NFL player Kyle Turley discuss how some people find pain relief with CBD, derived from marijuana. But are there concerns about …


  1. Well the nfl doesn’t test for CBd. The test for THC. And if the cbd is less than .03 THC then it won’t come up on a Test so nfl players are taking it. So fuck em! Hahaha

  2. There's no reason getting high from marijuana should be a concern because if you compared behaviors of it compared to alcohol it's truthfully more positive in the high people that smoke that still can function things can't drinking period high is a word for having a break from life stressers to be able to just break away from reality of how bad life is losing loved ones from different reasons could be used eating disorders and it's side affect list of being high is hungry happy sleepy so it's good for insomnia and depression too

  3. I find it ironic that people support mmj and cbd, yet condemn those suffering from chronic pain for taking prescribed pain meds. I support pain relief in all forms, and made available to without ridicule! Stop the BS. Pain meds have helped many live a better quality of life! Prescribed meds is not the real opioid crisis, CDC even released the latest data revealing that the biggest problem is with STREET DRUGS! Do your own research instead of believing these LIES!

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