Hotel quarantine may still keep parents from son’s hospital bedside after Perth CBD attack

The state health department has previously allowed exemptions to quarantine under exceptional circumstances, including compassionate grounds, but it requires much more paperwork.

The plight of Mr Hodgson’s family, who hail from Cumbria in England’s north-west, has drawn the support of famed English Premier League players from Manchester United, Manchester City and Everton, who helped secure plane tickets “at any price” and donated to his recovery fund.

Danny Hodgson, left, with his girlfriend and family in happier times. Credit:Facebook

Mr Hodgson was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital with severe head injuries and had emergency surgery for bleeding to the brain and a skull fracture.

His mother said he took a turn for the worse due to more severe brain hemorrhaging and was rushed to theatre again on Sunday for more intrusive brain surgery that lasted for four hours.

Mr Hodgson is now in an induced coma, which his mother was told could last for days or even weeks.

On Thursday, Mr Hodgson’s best friend and soccer club teammate Ellis Healing said he was still in a critical condition but was showing positive signs after listening to voice recordings of support from his friends and players while in intensive care.

“He’s actually been moving his fingers whilst he’s been listening to the voice notes,” Mr Healing told 6PR’s Liam Barlett.

“So that was a small bit of positive news about the last couple of days.”

Regarding the issue of quarantine, Mr Healing said that he had heard Mr Hodgson’s parents did have some sort of exemption but was unclear on the details.

“I’ve heard of similar stories of where – [in] unique circumstances – family has been able to visit critically ill family members for an hour or so under the very strict conditions,” he said.

“So fingers crossed that any sort of situation like that can happen so his mum and dad can see him at least once during their quarantine, when we get here.

“But everyone’s just overjoyed that they managed to get them confirmed plane tickets.”

Danny Hodgson and his ECU Joondalup soccer team.

Danny Hodgson and his ECU Joondalup soccer team.Credit:Facebook

Mrs Hodgson said her son was “full of life and has a heart of gold”.

“He is the most kind, gentle and positive person I know who has a passion for life and football,” she posted on Facebook.

Mr Healing agreed, saying his mate was not an aggressive guy or ever got himself into any trouble.

“I think it’s just a real case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and why someone would do this to another person,” he said.

“It’s beyond belief.”

WA Police will allege that, without warning, a 15-year-old boy from Armadale punched Mr Hodgson in the head, causing him to fall backwards, near the Perth city train station about 2am on Sunday.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been charged with grievous bodily harm.

On Wednesday, Mr Hodgson’s soccer coach revealed to 6PR that they had been out for a meal and “the boys had a couple of beers and then everyone just drifted off and Danny was just on his way home”.

Mr Hodgson has played as a striker in both England and in Australia.

Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson, Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Manchester City goalkeeper Scott Carson have rallied to his cause with thousands of dollars in donations to help fund his recovery.

Former state league soccer coach Graham Normanton also donated to the talented British footballer’s recovery fund.

In Cumbria, Mr Hodgson played for Windscale and Cleator Moor Celtic football clubs before moving to Carlisle in his teenage years to play for Carlisle United, and also played internationally for Great Britain.

He moved to Australia when he was 18 to play football and helped Kingsway Soccer Club win promotion before moving on to play for ECU Joondalup, where he won the league and the Golden Boot last season.

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