Hemp labeled product with high THC levels recalled | News

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has issued a mandatory recall for a product labeled as a hemp tincture.The OLCC said the product can get consumers “high” because it contains undisclosed levels of THC.

Consumers using this mislabeled product may become unexpectedly impaired.

The recall is for an item labeled as a hemp CBD tincture produced by Cura CS, LLC, and sold under its Select brand. The specific batch of this product Select CBD Drops “Broad Spectrum” Unflavored 1000 MG CBD was only available for purchase through OLCC licensed retailers.

The OLCC has notified cannabis retailers about the recall, and has put a hold on the product in the OLCC cannabis tracking system to prevent further sales from OLCC licensed retailers.

The recall affects this specific product produced on May 14, 2021. The OLCC estimates approximately 500 units have been sold starting June 19, 2021 and about 200 units remain in the inventories of OLCC retailers and those items are required to be quarantined.

Customers who have purchased this product can either return it to the OLCC licensed retailer they purchased it from or destroy the product.

Consumers with health-related concerns about this recalled product should contact the Oregon Poison Center at 800-222-1222, or their medical provider.

If consumers have other product related complaints related to this recall they should notify the OLCC at marijuana@oregon.gov and include any information you have, including the consumer’s name and phone number.

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