Healthcare Experts Debunk 11 CBD Myths | Debunked

Integrative cannabis physician June Chin and biomedical researcher Chanda Macias join us to debunk 11 myths about CBD. They debunk the myths that CBD …


  1. Based on this presentation I do not have the impression that this substance and its effects are clearly scientifically understood or that this industry is regulated and trustworthy. What kind of "experts" are these? Pretty hazy. I would have to research this topic myself to reach a conclusion.

  2. I have used marijuana as a relaxant this year because it was too much for me and ot mentality broke me. I might try CDB products rather than weed as 😅 i don't really wanna be high. It can be annoying…

  3. No more opiates for me. Was giving me huge sleep apnea issues and turned me into a zombie for hours.
    Anti-inflammatory drugs gave me wooryiong and rather painfl chest pains, even Advils at one point.
    Cortisone depresses the immune system, made my skin look as if I had leprosy plus local osteoporosis at injection areas. Result, 3 smashed by compression vertebrae…
    I use light 1:1 weed during the day, and some CBD oil at night.
    Hurrah For SQDC!

  4. Thank you for such knowledgeable videos. Very helpful for me to convince others that CBD does not get you high and etc 🙂 I have started to use it for migraines, hope it will work fine for me.

  5. Please make a video of this:

    How do muscles work?
    Why should you stay hydrated?
    What do bees do exactly?
    How do cows form milk in their bodies?
    How do blind people not see even though they have eyes?
    What are eyebrows for?

    Please make videos about them! I’m curious about everything!

  6. I have ptsd, endrodimious and frybromalga. I have no idea what I should take because I'm in sever pain so I need something long lasting but my anxiety is also so bad I need something fast

  7. My mom uses CBD cream for her arthritis and it’s better than voltaran for her, there right you need to find the right products and if used properly CBD can be very healing with pain.

  8. i used a full spectrum hemp extract once that claimed to have no thc and then i proceeded to get so freaking high i started to panic because i didnt know that it was from the hemp extract. so. high. like i had to take multiple showers and turn off my lights and lie under a blanket because i all my senses were so overwhelmed and my heart was like a jackhammer. shit sucked.

  9. I have been using a CBD/CBN isolate mix. I buy them separately and mix them, then vape them with a nectar collector. I have a TBI, and it is very effective at clearing the fog from my brain. I also like cannabis flower that is high in CBG. It is very sleep-inducing.

  10. I used to have moderate social anxiety and have suffered with it for years its stopped me doing so many things in life in the past, examples of what I struggled with was always feeling uncomfortable meeting new people, going to the gym, walking into a room full of people such as back in school for example.
    or odd moment in public where I feel it kick in and just feel genuinely awkward about myself being around others
    Started taking CBD capsules months ago and after a couple of weeks its helped a lot to calm me down and I no longer get that kick in the stomach or butterfly feeling.
    just to no longer feel them feelings makes it worth the CBD capsules weight in Gold.

  11. You shouldn’t take CBD if you have glaucoma. Unlike THC, CBD actually increases eye pressure. I ended up in the ER after taking CBD oil (orally) due to a glaucoma attack. So, be careful.

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