HAYGOOD FARMS | CBD Products You Need!

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  1. You have become my cannabis guru. I didn’t know anything about smoke buddies, or mouth pieces, or hemp wick. Thanks to you I have tried hippie butler, haze wayz, cloud nine, and I am now waiting for my first Stoney babe box. Hope to see the Stoney babe high tide unboxing.

  2. Chrissy you're mention in a smojo review on Amazon. They said they bought some because of you and thanked you. You help alot of people and we appreciate you!💚

  3. Haygood farms screwed me over, then blocked my email account after promising a refund. I tried them after your first video on them last year. Liew pretended to be concerned about my issues. He added me to their mailing list, then blocked my email address. $300 down the drain 🙁

  4. I'm trying D8 for the first time… Must say I'm liking it very much! CBD on it's own hasn't been very effective for me tho. But I have only tried it for pain management and I feel I need T9 needs to be with it?… I'm hard driven to T9 and old… So…🤣🤣🤣

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