Green light: Legalized recreational marijuana deal reached for New York state

Adult use recreational marijuana will be legal in New York state, sources tell News 8 Capital Correspondent Corina Cappabianca Wednesday.


  1. It's a trap. Don't believe it. How on earth can any cop tell if you're driving while stoned?? Red eyes? That's not good enough but it will be to them. I'm staying with the black market thanks.

  2. Doesn't matter! I'm staying under ground with the black market. State weed is horrible and they have no clue how to properly grow not to mention we'll be paying way more. Na.

  3. Weed, pot, reefer, grass, little joe, MJ, or whatever you want to call the evil weed is a gateway to the harder stuff like goofballs, airplane glue and the BIg H. Good clean kids from Kingsbridge will start parting their hair in the middle, wearing denim clothes, listening to bizarre music like the Grateful Dead and drink wine with a straw. The putrid smell will be everywhere and damage the lungs and brains of our youth. Bongo drumming and beat poetry will be heard throughout Greenwich Village. This must be stopped.

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