Green Element CBD, finally integrity within the HEMP & CBD industry. #peopleoverprofit

Finally we have a hemp/CBD company that stands behind their claim and has integrity! Green Element CBD is that company! #PeopleBeforeProfits …


  1. Just got some of the Pet variety for a large dog with shoulder issues. He’s my 85 pounder,. Also have an older Dachsie, with some joint issues, just her old age catching up with her, and i want to try and help these guys .if at all possible, I prefer natural, even for myself; i stopped in to browse for pain relief products, and was surprised to find your CBD products at my local pet shop. So i got the 1200mg, since it is mainly for my big guy, a young dog with shoulder issues from playing too dang hard. It is hard to get him to chill and rest so his shoulder will get better. As for me, I’m like many others; my furry babies aren’t getting anything if it isn’t good enough quality for me to use. I appreciate it is human grade, regardless of what the label says, “not intended for human consumption”, “for adult animals only, “ ok!!! I was glad it is made with ingredients that are actually good enough everybody could use it safely.

  2. I thought us Humans had certain receptors in our brain to receive the cannabinoids that make us and that plant a unique match, where in life or nature did Animals start taking CBD thats all marketing BS if you ask me just because its not harmful to your pets doesnt make it good for them, I don't know man not digging this approach to make money

  3. I hate QRcodes … they are a waste of time , soon you need your mobile if you want to wipe your ass🤪
    Great product ,love the interest and care for pets 💪👌

  4. A must try!! Quick question wanna try some new shit. My area gets hammerd by whiteflies what does the soil king recommend or whats the community doing to defeat them? In 916

  5. So sick of these new companies flooding the market with their subpar products and gimmicky sales pitches it's just insane. So many people I've talked to are now completely put off by CBD because after several failed attempts at trying it they didn't like the end results, so figure CBD doesn't work for them or the hype was made up. It's rather sad tbh and so isn't the price point of 80% of CBD products nationwide. It's wrong to jack the prices up because people start buying more of it, and maybe had they been more reasonable and not greedy others would be more inclined to give it a go.

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