1. lmao you cant be "unlawfully" using marijuana if you got a prescription for it, and the only way you could have gotten that prescription is if they passed a law specifically stating that its legal to prescribe people marijuana if they meet specific medical needs.

  2. So you’re telling me you can have 90 pills of opioids or 1,000 gallons of alcohol and own guns… but having weed and guns = a big no-no. The law is beyond messed up.

  3. Only ur concealed! U can have a rifle shot gun etc! U can open carry but agreed this's dumb n makes no sense u can be drunk or something else but not weed which doesn't inhibit wtaf this doesn't make sense! This shit needs be changed! Stfu ur not allowed to have a gun if ur on probation and an illegal drug user! Ffs fake news! Bullshit hold on u said so many false statements I can't keep up with them all ffs! Wtf

  4. BS! We are the US! WHY would you do this? Please guys. Everyone is watching. We can see by the videos when you are in senate we have Nancy Pelosi ruling up our presidents papers. And these are the idiots who we are asking to fix this mess. Unacceptable.

  5. Better stick to the opioids, SSRIs, and alcohol. Florida's medical MJ is a pathetic joke just like all the corrupt and treasonous politicians. Almost 2020 and we allow people to tell us what plants we can and can't grow and consume via violence and kidnapping by their agents, MERICA land of despotism and slaves.

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