Feed The Soil, Not the Plant: Living Soil for Cannabis Cultivation – Bryan Wachsman

In this introduction to using living soil for cannabis cultivation, Bryan Wachsman explains the basics of soil biology, the importance of a healthy rhizosphere and …


  1. I’m curious. I’d like to learn more. My past experience is with autoflowers. They have a finite lifespan. It will be in certain stages no matter what. Get those stages wrong and you get whatever you get. Growing organically means things like microbes have to breakdown organic material in exchange for plant sugars. That takes longer than growing hydroponically with no soil. Feeding the medium and nit the plant makes the most sense. The plant will take in what it needs for that stage. You just don’t want it hungry. I had to foliar feed some but with that said there’s things you just don’t foliar feed. I admit I could have things wrong but that’s my experience so far.

  2. You had me up untill the point you maid about canadian night crawlers there so dumb they leave the basket . Well yeah they need deep soil not for pots night crawlers get about foot in length used them in the ground not pots….

  3. ive been focusing on calcium too, really good to see that i was on track there! i just turned 24 and i am the head of cultivation/head grower in my company. It's alot of stress and work, and it kinda multiplies and magnifies once you make the step to stop using synthetics. IS there a way to impliment full organic hydro?

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