Edible Marijuana Dangers?

People in California consumed more than 180-million dollars’ worth of marijuana-infused food and drinks in 2016. The Doctors discuss some of the dangers of …


  1. Take this serious. I'm a teacher and we just had a student overdose on edibles. He kept eating them. He was taken away in an ambulance semi-conscious so…… watch out.

  2. The only danger is irresponsibility. But, if someone or something accidentally eats/drinks an edible at least we know the worst thing that can happen is they’re just going to be really, really high for a little while.

  3. My parents gave me marijuana when I was a toddler. I smoked frequently from 2-4. I called it “Bunk”. Needless to say I was a Network Engineer in Novell, Microshaft and Cisco. I helped build the internet early 90’s in the Air Force and got out to make the bucks. I’m glad weed is being legalized. It’s not a danger at all.

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