DWC Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Ep 5. Harvest & Cure

(21+ Educational Purposes only) DWC Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Ep 5. Harvest & Cure. Gear from series: (Paid Affiliate Links Help …


  1. Nice grow brotha🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m in the germination phase. This will be my third grow… living soil fox farm nute. My second grow is in process. Using dry amendments. And I figured I’d try dwc with fox farm nute with this grow, 2 wedding cake 1 gelato and 1 Bruce banner….. questions;, did u ever ph the water? Also when mixing nute in the glass, its was to the ratio of 3.5 gallons, right? Good growing

  2. Love it ! This is my second grow, I use a 20 Gl. tote that I mix my nutes in, I mix what I will need to change out each week, ( lets say, 8 Gl's for 4 buckets ) saves from mixing 1 Gl. at a time.

  3. I'm about 6 weeks from harvesting my first crop, where do you source your trimming scissors and I know what the 2 trimmers I need LOOK like but I don't have a name for my searching. What would you recommend

  4. really looking foreward to that new series, where you deal with the water system Issues, I myself have run into quite some trouble along my way with fogponic systems and the corresponding Nutrient trouble (nobody tells you how much nute to put in Fogpponic water) so I'm looking for a nice DiY hydro setup. Because my expectations toward fogponic were much too high, i guess…

    Maybe someone can help? 😉

  5. Equipment is around 800bucks…. electricity ain't for free though 🤣🤣🤣flower circle alone cost u around 450dollars if u really use a 3000watt hydromars led which is in your amazon link. Vegetative state might be around the same, cuz of the extra hours.

  6. Thank you so much for putting up these videos! Very informative. I’m about to start my first grow and torn between spending the extra cash on the Superponics by Supercloset or just doing a DWC like the one in this series. I know the new series isn’t out yet but can you give me any opinion/advice on the Superponics? Please!

  7. Damn great job, if u wouldve low stressed trained and filled out your grow space u wouldve hit a pound easy, fix your minor issues maybe even more is in store!!!!

  8. Loved this series! I'm just getting into growing here legally in Canada so this 4 plant setup is perfect for the household! Just subscribed to your channel and going to check out everything else you've posted – excellent resource! Keep up the awesome content!!

  9. Great vids for a newbie first time on DWC! Got seedlings started for an ebb and flow system in Rockwool but Fkn disaster as I was also distilling vodka and bourbon in same basement and the seedlings were attacked by fungus gnats bought in by the CO2 from the fermentation process! They laid eggs in the Rockwool cubes and the larvae did serious damage to the root systems of the seedlings. Lost two plants but hoping to save 6 others. BTW in Australia where we need to be pretty careful as hydro grow as opposed to soil attracts a heavier criminal charge. Take care all in these mad times!

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